On 1981 Julie integrates the Fine Arts School in Nancy, interior design section metal specialisation. During those 3 years, Julie feels much more friendship with the Art sections then she develops in the Fine Art School her affinities with the theater. Her Interior Design diploma obtained, Julie enters a second cycle of environment scenography section at the School of the Decorative Arts in Nice.

In 1986, provided with one Upper National diploma of Expression Blows up Specialization Scenography
Graduate school of Art of the Villa ARSON - Nice Julie Mertzweiller settles down in Paris.
It is at first in the Theater that Julie draws what she sees to approach in the closer the universes of the rooms on which she works as scenographer.

As she meets and live with those theatrical world’s inhabitants, new characters and new stories appear. She soon creates and draws her own universes. Her first exhibition takes place in the Palais Royal Gardens, in the Christian Siret Gallery in June 2002. Many exhibitions will follow, slightly changing; without giving up soft pastels and graphite, wooden support then grows bigger and graphism becomes more and more similar to the painting one.Year 2008 ends with an exhibition in the Sorbonne University, located in the Quartier Latin in Paris this place encloses the huge and beautiful Soufflot Gallery where the visitors can discover Julie's most recent paintings and older works.
For some time now Julie was mixing paintings and pastels on her preferred material : the wood. Without leaving pastels definitively, she, however, chooses a more classical option using acrylic paintings on canvas.Between her hands, the paint brush is sometimes similar to the soft pastels treatment, but we can also detect a new pictoral way which reveals other mysteries that the spectator can chose to understand or to ignore.
During the years 2010 and 2011, Julie shares again her time between creations and scenographies. Indeed, in March she finds a place to hang on her paintings in the Cabinet Denfert Rochereau’ spaces while she works with Alfredo Arias on the scenography of the Jules Verne’s event for Van cleef and Arpels in the Antique Dealers’ Biennial located in the Grand Palais. She also accompanied this scenography in Art Dubaï.

On 2012, Julie finds the house Van Cleef and arpels and works on various events, in June the Gallery YO in Nancy(France) welcomes Julie in a magnificent internal and outside space.This year Julie particpated in several exhibitions:In May, Big Contemporary Art Market Place BastilleIn July an August, 56° European exhibition with Abbey of PrümIn November, the Historic and Artistic Museum of Toul, just a step from Nancy, offers to Julie a space where she can expose her works during four months.

2014 a few weeks after the exhibition to the Museum of Art and history of Toul, Julie participates again in the Big Contemporary Art market of Bastille in May.

On 2015 In March Julie is invited by the Bank Credit Mutuel to expose, then in September she participates in the first edition of the festival "the Art of nothing … each her talent" to Vitry in changing rooms a few steps away from Orléans.
At the end of 2015, Julie exposes in the center of Art and in the center of Creation of Aulnay Sous Bois
Following the exhibition in the center of Art of Aulnay, the picture "Tattoos" was chosen and will be displayed in China all year round on 2016 in Museums and Center of Art

2016 Following the exhibition in the center of Art d' Aulnay, the picture"Tattoos" was chosen and will be displayed in China all year round on 2016 in Museums and Centers of Art
In February Julie exposes in full center of Lille, in a historic place, the Rihour palace.

2017 This year opens for Julie on the International fair of Contemporary Art of Versailles.

2018 In April Julie exposes in Concept StoreGallery, Cotemporain art gallery which is situated right in the heart of La Baule.

At the end of November, a new exhibition on Dauphine Street in the sixth borough of Paris takes place over 15 days at the Concept Store Gallery.

2019 In April Julie exhibits again at the Concept Store Gallery, Galerie d'Art Contemporain in Paris.

In September Julie participates in the «Prix Denfert» The lawyers of this firm organize an event where all the artists who have exhibited since 1995 can participate; The theme of the event: «IN'JUSTICE»

2020 In July Julie becomes permanent artist of the Barissardo Gallery in La Ciotat.

2021 In August, Julie takes part in the exhibition of permanent artists at the Barissardo Gallery in La Ciotat.

2022 In May Julie participates in the event Open Doors "Enter It’s Open" of the city of Fontenay Sous Bois. She exhibits about thirty paintings.

At the end of June she finds the spaces of the Cabinet Denfert Rochereau to hang her paintings that will stay in these beautiful spaces until the end of October

In August she exhibits about twenty paintings at the Barissardo Gallery in La Ciotat